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How To Be A Professional Dog Walker In Australia?

How To Be A Professional Dog Walker In Australia?

It might prove to be an overwhelming task to be a professional dog walker, however, if your love for dogs drive you in life and you have the necessary commitment to building a business around it – this job can prove to be the one for you.  We’ve put together the necessary information to ensure you know all about dog walking jobs in Australia.

Where Should You Advertise Yourself For A Dog Walking Job In Australia?

If you’re interested in dog walking or your business as a dog walker isn’t going as planned, you will have to understand the challenges that this business presents and overcome them accordingly. According to research, two households out of five own a dog in Australia – this means there are around 5 million dog owners in this country. Pet owners are seen to have full-time jobs which increase the demand for dog walkers.

The primary step in setting up an effective dog walking business is by coming across potential clients. Word of mouth has always been a major marketing tool. It helps to establish your position as a professional, caring and trusted dog walker.

  1. Try dropping off fliers about your availability as a dog walker around your neighbourhood prior to starting your business.
  2. You can do the necessary research and create a network with pet sitters and professional dog walkers.
  3. Attend dog events held by your community. This will enable you to come across potential clients.
  4. Creating an impressive profile online about your dog walking business and posting it to different websites will prove useful.
  5. Try to build an impressive website. This will attract pet owners.
  6. Social media will be beneficial for professional dog walkers. It brings about a personable approach.
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How Much Do Dog Walkers Make In Australia?

The money paid to dog walkers obviously vary. However, the average salary per hour is $23.67 in Australia. There is a rise in dog walking jobs in Australia which has led to a surge in revenue growth of the industry.

Dog Walking Job: What Are The Pros and Cons Of It?

What can be better than spending your days with a furry companion? It does sound amazing. However, before you get too excited about it, explore the ups and downs of the job.


  • It offers a lot of flexibility. You won’t be tied down to a nine-to-five office job.
  • Four legged clients are easier to be with than humans. Not to mention they are more pleasant.
  • A professional dog walker will get the necessary exercise by simply doing his job.
  • You’ll be able to set your own boundaries for your business. From which days you’re available to setting your rates.


  • It will take you quite some time to establish yourself as a professional dog walker.
  • Your income will vary. Professional dog walkers can get regular clients; however, there is always a risk of cancellation.
  • Dog walkers must be ready to fulfill their duty every day of the year. There are no excuses.

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind before starting out as a professional dog walker.

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