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8 Constructive Ways To Uphold Positive Work Culture With Remote Employees​

8 Constructive Ways To Uphold Positive Work Culture With Remote Employees

Over the last few years, traditional modes of working have been failing to keep up with the requirements of modern businesses. Companies often hire remote employees from different parts of the world to tap a bigger talent pool. Sometimes, unforeseen situations like pandemics and extended periods of poor weather force companies to shift their operations online. In such cases, HR must maintain office values. Let’s check out some effective ways to boost employee morale and maintain the positive culture of the office!

1. Ensuring Smooth Communication

Quite obviously, this is the first priority. While working together in an office, it’s easier for employees to communicate with each other or visit other departments for the information they require. Those who work remotely must be equipped with efficient technology to communicate easily and access information or assistance seamlessly.

2. Offering Feedback And Rewards

When employees work remotely, they don’t get the chance to interact much with the important people in the company. They often don’t get to see the result of their work or understand how much they contributed. To keep remote employees motivated, it’s necessary to send constant feedback for their work. Employees who uphold the company’s values or show unparalleled productivity should also be rewarded for their sincerity.

3. Publishing Regular Newsletters

Employees who meet regularly at the office share stories and discuss important events. It’s possible to replicate this culture by bringing out newsletters and magazines. It could inform the remote employees about the company’s recent activities and provide them a space to voice their opinions and channel their creativity.

4. Hosting Video Meetings

Nothing can substitute face to face communication, even if it is virtual. Hosting video meetings once a week to regroup, discuss progress, assign tasks, and address difficulties can be fruitful for the company. It boosts cooperation and coordination between remote employees when they see their colleagues from time to time.

5. Organizing Virtual Events

The most significant aspect of ensuring the well-being of remote employees is preventing isolation. The office is a social setting where people from different backgrounds meet, work together, and have fun together. It’s a good idea to organize virtual movie nights, game nights, or other leisure hours where remote employees can relax and bond with each other.

6. Keeping Up Birthday Celebrations

Office birthdays or lunch treats go a long way when it comes to boosting employee rapport and creating a positive work environment. For remote employees, sending personalized greetings cards and gift cards can be a quality gesture. Conducting short surprise video meetings where the entire team can wish the employee will also foster bonding and positivity.

7. Conducting Frequent Surveys

No matter how renowned a company is, employees always face some problems. A good company allows employees to discuss these problems and acts on them as soon as possible. Remote employees should be sent survey forms where they can talk about the obstacles they are facing. This will make them feel heard and help them focus better on their work.

8. Providing Employee Counseling

Working remotely often takes a toll on mental health, especially if the employee lives alone or struggles with social situations. Offering counseling to employees will give them a healthy outlet for their stress and help them deal with the personal issues they are facing.

These measures are easy to implement and maintain, but their effect on employee morale is immeasurable. Every company working with remote employees should adopt at least a few of these measures. After all, happy employees keep the business alive!

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