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Business marketing techniques that were popular before social media took over.

The turn of the century saw a remarkable phenomenon with the rise of computers. Towards the end of the first decade, we witnessed the advent of smartphones and the insurgence of social media. And then there was no looking back. Digital Marketing arrived and changed the business marketing scenario once and for all.

The modern-day marketing approach has a lot to do with digital marketing, whereas marketers have largely abandoned traditional marketing techniques. Newer methods have been cropping up every other day, while old-school marketing has been rendered outdated by many.

This might not be true entirely. While the impact of digital marketing is undeniably huge, traditional marketing hasn’t entirely lost all its steam. A few of them are still effective when done properly.

Digital Noise and traditional marketing

The essence of digital marketing started with email campaigns, often referred to as the reigning champions in terms of ROI. But they work only when you have a set of the targeted audience. In fact, around 80 percent of customers become too tired of continuous emails and unsubscribe from the campaigns.

Banner ads and pop-ups can also be rendered ineffective from time to time. The digital ads nowadays have somewhat formed a repute of intrusiveness in the majority of customers who get irritated as their Smartphone gets flooded with undesired notifications.

Marketers hence have to think of a way to earn their customer’s attention instead of demanding it. Maybe it’s time to go back to the basics somewhat and rely on the ancient marketing techniques that have stood the test of time. Let us have a look at a few of them.

1. Signage

marketing-signageThe oldest form of marketing still exists and is still relevant. Hanging a picture and flashy writings of objects related to your business had worked back in the 16th century and still works now. Signs have always shown people where you are located whether they want to find you or not.

Moreover, they can last for ages. Hence experienced companies must know how to make the most of their investments and go with suitable signage that represents their brand in the best way possible. Businesses can opt for hiring a signage company that can commit itself to attract consumers and expanding the business.

2. Billboards


We can still go outside and see billboards in plenty. Billboards on a canvas having hand-printed images are still very much in use from hallways to highways. The ancient marketing tool of Billboards uses more images and lesser texts to put across the message related to the brand being advertised.

Billboards follow the principle that a picture can convey more than a thousand words, and for years businesses have been using compelling images to raise their brand awareness among customers. Most businesses are familiar with billboards as a marketing tool and are deploying them at large for reaching out to their customer base.

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3. Handouts

When we talk about advertising in brick and mortar shops or establishments such as malls or even street markets, handouts can prove to be quite handy all together. Brochures and Flyers handed out to potential consumers work out great in providing them necessary messages, especially about ongoing offers and discounts.

The success of handouts goes to establish the impact of face to face marketing in terms of enhanced connections and interactivity. They have continued to evoke strong responses from consumers and also expand the reach for marketers.

4. Promotional Items


Businesses have been utilizing the boons of promotional items for a long. Consider the time when you shopped a clothing item and got it inside a quality branded bag to take away in or when you got free merchandise for buying a hefty amount from a certain shop.

Multiple brands are still cultivating their brand image wisely by gifting items to their consumers to further promote their brand. This free advertising can be instrumental in enriching your brand image and getting more people to associate with it.

5. Telemarketing

The marketing industry still cannot do without the riches of inbound and outbound telemarketing. In fact, the most prominent method of generating leads for businesses is still B2B telemarketing. It focuses on core operations and deploys quality call answering services to cater to the existing consumers and bring newer ones.


The intrinsic value of a generated sale is a superlative service or product. If the product quality is bad, no amount of good marketing will be able to continually sell it. The reverse is also largely relevant, albeit not entirely. Marketing has always been considered an art that delivers value to consumers through information and easy accessibility. For the business, it facilitates sales revenues.

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